INDIO, THE professional make-up since 1939.

We have been manufacturing our cosmetics for over 75 years with exclusive formulations, straight in our Laboratory, not committing to any contractors like most of the other brands do. In this way we can use fine and high quality raw materials, the most natural possible to avoid allergies. INDIO products have proved excellent skin compatibility and have never been tested on animals.

But what sets us apart from all the other brands is the quality of our products, as shown by decades of experience with professional make-up artistes.

INDIO is THE real professional make-up, because its textures are highly pigmented that cover skin imperfections but at the same time give natural effect in close-ups of movies and television with new HD technologies as well. It also ensures a long-lasting performance of make-up in extreme conditions such as those that occur at high temperatures of lights in sets and with sweating of artistes in ballets.

Our foundations are available in lots of shades because each skin has a different colour and needs the one that best fits its complexion. In addition, we dedicate remarkable attention to constancy of colours in batch productions.

Despite the high pigmentation, the texture of INDIO products is soft and easy to apply to create a perfect make-up.

Being designed and developed to meet the stringent requirements of professionals, INDIO cosmetics are also ideal for everyday use of a woman who wants to be flawless and does not need to retouch the make-up during the day.